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S&P's Compustat Global is also called Research Insight Academic Quarterly, or Research Insight Global with Quarterly Updates (RIGQUG). For Compustat (North America) please refer to the data-set Compustat_Capital-IQ. This one only comprises the *Global Vantage* data.


1 Installation

please refer to the installation manual ri_university_installation_guide_8_4.pdf, especially the requirements (win7, Excel 2003|2010), 2GB of RAM and 5 GB of free Hard-disk.

  • Access with the VPN the university's network
  • klick Start-> and put in the white box (search programs and files) \\ to display a window with the shares.


  • copy the database folder compustat_data from the share onto your PC (drag 'n drop it to your home-folder)


  • drag 'n drop compustat_global to your home-folder
    • read the howto, the ri_university_installation_guide_8_4.pdf
    • start the installation process by double-clicking the

1.1 Database Manager

select your local folder where you have put your databases in the previous step, for "Global Research".

menu DB-manager DB-manager <Properties> <Apply>

1.2 Properties Setting Manager

Start-up Database "Global Vantage"

menu properties properties setting

1.3 Research insight

now your settings are done, starting RI should connect to the licensing server and download the license, as well as maybe some Microsoft files (C++).

menu properties

again, all information is in the ri_university_installation_guide_8_4.pdf

2 PC-Labor

Compustat Global is ready to be used at 2 PCs in our PC-Lab

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