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The CRSPSift Terminal is used for remote computing.


1 Access / Workflow

1.1 VPN

Connect to the UNI VPN with an up to date (F5 BigIp) VPN-Client

for detailed instructions please use the relevant ZID instructions.

1.2 Book Session

You have to book a time-slot. "Fair-play" is assumed, restrict yourself to a couple of hours per week not to get restricted.

1.3 3) Virtual Desktop


After your booked session has started, retrieve your password.

1.3.1 Prerequisites

  • vnc-client like tigervnc (former tight-vnc), Linux icon.png:
yum install tigervnc or apt-get install tigervnc-viewer
or similar viewers for windows, etc.

1.3.2 Start Virtual Desktop make sure you are connected to UNI's VPN.

Vncviewer crspsift.jpg click <Connect> and provide password. Vnc passwd.png

Linux icon.png: run


and authenticate with your session-password.

Best to use the Full-Screen-Mode, note the keys to escape, e.g. <Strg> + <Alt> + <Shift> + <F>

On your remote screen you may use <F8> for <Ctrl>, <Alt>, etc.

Log on as Researcher. A new Desktop will be prepared for you, which could take up to two minutes.

1.4 Applications

1.4.1 Excel

You can query and retrieve your results directly from within Excel through plugins by using the icon at the upper left corner of your desktop.

1.4.2 Storage Clients

Various clients have been installed for saving your data, like Google-drive, u:cloud or Dropbox. Don't forget to save your work before your session ends. Everything will be deleted, so that the next user starts without any left-overs.

1.5 Documentation

pretty much self explaining

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